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 Healthy Start

Today, too few young people are experiencing a level of support in their communities that will ensure a healthy future. A healthy start includes making sure that caregivers and young people have access to the services and opportunities they need to be healthy.

To many, "a healthy start" focuses on what children need before they start school: prenatal care, immunizations and school readiness. Indeed, these early years are crucial. But we must also think about this promise more broadly as "a healthy start" for adulthood. The following are necessary to ensure that children grow up healthy:

  • Accessible and affordable health insurance that covers regular checkups; eye, ear and dental exams and treatment of illness.

  • Health education focusing on risk behaviors such as violence and alcohol, drug and tobacco use.

  • Adequate nutrition and exercise.

Too few young people have access to this support in their communities. We need to provide all of them with a healthy start.






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Research shows that if the Five Promises, as defined by America's Promise, are consistently fulfilled, they can significantly advance the health and well being of the next generation -- increasing the chances of youth becoming successful adults.