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Caring Adults

Communities need to provide all young people with sustained adult relationships through which they experience support, care and guidance. Caring and connectedness within and beyond the family are powerful factors in protecting young people from negative behaviors and creating strong positive qualities.

Caring adults: Ongoing relationships with caring adults- parents, mentors, tutors or coaches.

Ideally, youth develop sustained connections with:

  • Parents or other caregivers.

  • Extended family members.

  • Neighbors and other adults youth see daily.

  • Adults who spend time with youth through schools and programs, including coaches, teachers, mentors, child care workers, youth workers, and employers.

While all of these relationships are important, most youth do not experience this network of adult support and care beyond their families.








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Research shows that if the Five Promises, as defined by America's Promise, are consistently fulfilled, they can significantly advance the health and well being of the next generation -- increasing the chances of youth becoming successful adults.