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County Resources

     You may view the following Resource Directory, Prevention Plan, and Pennsylvania Youth Survey graphs on the web by clicking on the following links, or you may download the PDF file for ease of use or printing (right-click, "save as").
Resource Directory Prevention Plan Pennsylvania Youth Survey

Clarion County Human Resource Directory

      This human resource directory was compiled by Clarion County's Promise in collaboration with Clarion County Family Net.
The term "human resource" is used in the broadest sense to include those agencies or services that make an impact on  quality of life (E.G. health, education and training, social and emotional adjustment, recreation, and environmental conditions).
     The directory contains comprehensive and up-to-date information on many different voluntary, nonprofit, and public agencies; also, some private-for-profit organizations have been included. This material is being continually reviewed and is available to the public on this website or by contacting Clarion County's Promise.
    If any human service has been omitted or information has been incorrectly entered, please view it as an oversight and feel free to contact us. Upon notification, the information will be corrected. This directory will be updated annually.
     Click on the link below to open the file for viewing, or right-click on the link and click "save as" to save the file to your computer for viewing at a later time. 

Clarion County Human Resource Directory (PDF)

Clarion County Meetings (PDF)
Updated 03/2018

Prevention Plan

     This plan is a collaborative effort under the auspices of Clarion County Family Net, the local collaborative for children, youth, and families. It is utilized to assist in determining the unmet needs of the county, as well as for assessing if our current efforts are being successful. The gathering of data across several sources assures the committee of more accurate determinations and more beneficial input from key stakeholders.

Our next Prevention Plan will be in the planning stages in 2018.

Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PAYS)

The 2015 PAYS results on now available by clicking on the link below. We had 5 of our 7 school districts participating in 2015. This survey is done every two years and taken voluntarily by students in 6, 8, 10 & 12th grades in participating school districts. Students take the survey on the condition of it being completely anonymous. The survey will be taken again in the fall of 2017. Below we have all of the Clarion County reports  in PDF form available to you at no cost. Just right click on the file and save to your computer or click to open the file and view in your browser. Clarion County Promise and Clarion County Family Net use this data to provide up-to data programing for the needs shown in this survey and other sources of data. This is a very valuable tool used for grants, programing and prevention planning across the county.

2015 Clarion County Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PDF)

2013 Clarion County Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PDF)

2011 Clarion County Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PDF) 

2009 Clarion County Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PDF)

2007 Clarion County Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PDF)

2005 Clarion County Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PDF)

Any questions please contact Clarion County's Promise. If you would like this data to be presented to your organization (civic group, school, church, etc.) please let us know!


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