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Clarion County Community Health & Dental Task Force

       A Dental Task Force Committee (later to become the Community Health and Dental Task Force) was collaboratively formed when a concern was raised among various agencies about the lack of dentists in the county who could provide services for those on medical assistance programs. At that time, no dentist in the county was accepting medical assistance, and approximately a third of the county population was eligible for medical assistance.

      Primary Health Network (PHN) of Sharon, PA, indicated that they were interested in locating a satellite Federally Qualified Health Center in Clarion County. The new building was built by PHN that would house the health center. Services at this site include a dental clinic, behavioral health, as well as physical health. A drug store is also available for prescriptions that are written by doctors housed in the building. No one will be denied services but fees are being assessed on a sliding fee scale.

       The Task Force is currently looking at other health issues plaguing our communities. Among the many concerns that are to be addressed are pregnant mothers not being seeking prenatal care, transportation to and from medical appointments, and other problems that may be indicated by County data.

Pennsylvania Youth Survey

The Pennsylvania Youth Survey collects data on the protective and risk factors the youth feel exist in their local community. This survey is administered every two years in participating school districts to grades 6, 8, 10, and 12.

You can view the county report under "County Resources" or by clicking here.

Reality Tour

The Reality Tour is a drug prevention program created by Candle Inc. The Reality Tour consists of dramatic scenes in the life and death of a teen addicted to heroin, followed by a question and answer period with former drug addicts, local law enforcement, and Clarion County Drug and Alcohol representatives.

PLEASE NOTE: This program is now being taken over by Armstrong, Indiana, Clarion Drug and Alcohol Comission. For more information contact them at: (814) 226-6350 ext. prevention

Shocking Truth

This program, opened to the community was started in 2010 after the Pennsylvania Youth Survey results showed an alarming high number of students in 12th grade reporting drinking under the influence of alcohol. This program included a presentation by a a local parent, Vern Hyler, who lost his son to drinking and drive.This program was taken to Redbank Valley, Union, Clarion-Limestone, Clarion & Keystone School Districts in the 2010-2011 school year. 

It believed that the combination of this programs like this lowered the high number of students who reported drinking and driving on the 2011 survey report.

You can view information about Vern Hyler at his website:







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Research shows that if the Five Promises, as defined by America's Promise, are consistently fulfilled, they can significantly advance the health and well being of the next generation -- increasing the chances of youth becoming successful adults.