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Clarion County’s Promise, Inc., originally known as Clarion County Family Net, was established as an affiliate of the national organization America’s Promise: The Alliance for Youth. The focus of the organization has always been to affect the lives of children and families in a positive manner. This is accomplished by providing for their needs using research-based prevention programs, educational methods, and charitable means. It has been determined that prevention practices affect a larger population, create a more stable environment for healthy growth and development, is beneficial for the community at large, and is more cost effective than intervention practices. Prevention is the emphasis for all of Clarion County’s Promise’s efforts.

Clarion County’s Promise, Inc. was accepted by the IRS as a non-profit for education and charitable purposes and is regulated under the laws of the 501©3 determinations.


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1992 -- County FSSR (Family Service System Reform) Collaborative Board begins Clarion County Family Net (CCFN)
07/97 -- North Clarion Family Center opens with FSSR funding
09/00 -- Countywide Key Leader Board was formed
10/00 -- Planning grant for Keystone Communities that Care (CTC) project received
11/00 -- Keystone local prevention board formed
-- The CTC Youth Survey is given at Keystone to set baseline data
02/01 -- A CTC planning grant for Clarion Limestone projects is received
04/01 -- Clarion Limestone Family Center opens through FSSR funds
08/01 -- Clarion Limestone local prevention board formed
  -- Keystone receives CTC funds to start programs
09/01 -- The CTC Youth Survey is given at Clarion Limestone to set baseline
-- CCFN becomes State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP) partner
04/02 -- Keystone Family Center opens
  -- Both prevention boards adopt the Family Net name
09/02 -- CCFN wins two awards at the State Building Partnering Conference
11/02 -- CCFN adopts a mission statement:
"Working together to improve the quality of life for all of Clarion County."
  -- Clarion Limestone receives CTC funds to start programs
-- PA Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) funding is received to open a central office for the organization
04/03 -- The Redbank Valley Family Net forms in the New Bethlehem area
05/03 -- Keystone Family Net receives 3 of 7 state awards at the CTC Conference
06/03 -- Clarion County is elevated to a "Priority Community of Promise" by America's Promise
09/03 CCFN receives State Incentive Grant to reduce drug use in teens
11/03 -- Clarion County's Promise (CCP) is incorporated as a non-profit
11/03 -- CCP partners with Northwest PA Workforce Investment Act (WIA) to provide after school services to at risk students
  -- The Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PAYS) was given in two school districts
-- Partnered with Clarion University Health Science Center to provide "Camp Looking Good" a summer day camp for kids
07/04 -- Keystone CTC is awarded sustainability funding to insure continuation of the CTC process
  -- CCP Family Centers become locally funded enabling them to continue
10/04 -- CCP Partners with the PA Health Department to bring a regional "Healthy Schools Summit" to Clarion
12/04 -- CCP collaborates with Head Start to provide a mentoring program for high risk high school students
-- FSSR funding ends permanently and Integrated Children's Service Planning) funding is received to continue collaborative activities
  -- CCP becomes first non-profit in the state to write county's ICSP
  -- CCP receives SHIP funds to continue summer camps with Clarion University Health Science Center
07/05 -- CTC sustainability funding is received to expand CTC process to encompass all of Clarion County, individual prevention boards unify under CCFN
10/05 -- Clarion County is named one of the "100 Best Communities" by America's Promise
11/05 -- CCP begins to coordinate high school tutoring program at Clarion Limestone High School
  -- The PA Youth Survey was given in two school districts
-- Partnered with Penn State Co-operative Extension 4-H program to provide nutrition and fitness summer programs
07/06 -- Local funding received to implement the Family Unity model in Clarion County
  -- ICSP funding received to integrate services to children and families
09/06 -- The Clarion Limestone CTC after school program funding is picked up by the district
-- CTC Sustainability grant is received to insure continuation of programs and the CTC process
  -- ICSP funding is received to integrate services to children and families
09/07 -- Received PA Liquor Control Board funding to perform a "Community Alcohol Personality Survey"
  -- CCP purchases a "Reality Tour" license using funds from the PA Attorney General's Office
11/07 -- The PA Youth Survey was given in 5 of the 7 school districts
-- CCP collaborates with the local tobacco coalition to sponsor an essay contest for elementary students
06/08 -- First countywide PA Youth Survey data was received
07/08 -- ICSP funding received to integrate services to children and families
08/08 -- Clarion County Dental Task Force was formed
11/08 -- Children's Trust Fund grant was received to expand the "Special Delivery Baby Basket" program, started with the CTC funding, and to implement the "Happiest Baby on the Block" program
-- Planning begins to build a Federally Qualified Health and Dental Center in Clarion County
07/09 -- ICSP received to fund Clarion County youth forum  and give the youth a voice
10/09 Clarion County Dental Task Force changes the name to Clarion County Community Health and Dental Task Force
11/09 -- The PA Youth Survey was given in 6 of the 7 school districts in our county
--CCP started ASQ Screenings for children 60 months and under
9/10 --CCP developed the Shocking Truth with Vern Hilyer/Brandon's Dad for 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students and their parents/guardians
10/10 --Recieved first PATHS grant from PCCD to work with Head Starts in Clarion County
4/11 -- County wide truance plan initiated through the Children's Round Table with Family Group Decision Making assisting with TEP meetings
5/11 --CCP started presenting to participants at the Zion Food Bank
10/11 --PAYS Survey administered to all seven county school districts
5/12 --Golf outing fundraiser by Riverhill businessmen benefiting CCP
6/12 --Small Games of Chance trainings held throughout the county through partnership of Armstrong, Indiana, Clarion Drug and Alcohol
7/12 --CCP recieved PCCD PAATHS grant to work with K & 1st grade in three school districts
11/12 --Homemaker Mentor position started at Promise assisting at risk families with household management issues
--FQHC (Primary Health Network) opens in Clarion, expanding physical, dental and mental Health services in county. This was a result of CCFN community health and dental task force.
7/13 --PAYS Survey now being paid for through the PA Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs and the PA Department of Education.
8/13 --PCCD grant approved to start PATHS at North Clarion school district in grades 2-6 (PATHS alread in K and 1)
10/13 --PAYS Survey administered to all seven county school districts
5/14 --CCP staff was invited and provided workshop of experiences at PATHS International in Cleveland
10/14 --CCP receives CTF grant to receive training in Triple P, an evidence based parenting program
11/14 --CCP awared the Outstanding Community Award for our "Dedication and Commitment to Equity" by the Clarion University Student Senate
7/15 --Received an award from PCCD for the grant to bring PATHS programs to Union Elementary for grades 2-6
8/15 --CCP relocated main office to 214 S. 7th Ave, suit 20 due to expansion of staff and services
8/15 --Transporation has become available to patients of Primary Health Network within a 15 mile radius
10/15 --PAYS Survey administered in five of the seven county school districts
5/16 --Tutoring ends in the CL School District for high school students
6/16 -- Clarion County Family Net receives award for "Outstanding Coalition of the Year for 2016" from the state at the Commonwealth Prevention Alliance Conference
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Research shows that if the Five Promises, as defined by America's Promise, are consistently fulfilled, they can significantly advance the health and well being of the next generation -- increasing the chances of youth becoming successful adults.